Monday, February 14, 2011

Feta 'Shroom Burger

Something about chicken soup when you're sick that just makes you feel a little bit better. Thank goodness I found some Healthy Choice Chicken and Rice soup in the pantry for lunch, and that it's gluten-free! (I didn't know it was, and was pleasantly surprised). But this post is certainly not about canned soup.
Now with my renewed health, (not really, but I can pretend. It's the only way to make it through this nasty cold) I could muster up some energy to make some yummy Feta Mushroom Burgers. "There's no bun on that there burger!"...., you say. Yes, well, I was unprepared for this particular dinner and didn't have any bread or buns in the house. But one could certainly have it on a bun. Don't let me stop you!

What you need:

Frozen hamburger patties, or fresh ground beef/sirloin shaped into patties.
Feta cheese
mushrooms, sliced and sautéed
avocado, sliced
fresh spinach

There are indeed extra things in this picture. I grabbed the mozzarella and romaine lettuce by mistake. And they ended up in the picture, instead of spinach. Obviously, my current state of "under the weather-ness" has me all bumbled up.

How you make it:

Grill your burger however works for you...outside...George Forman...frying pan on the stove...for me, it's broiler pan in the oven.
Sauté your mushrooms in a skillet with butter on medium high. Top your burger with them and the rest of your ingredients. I suppose there are some that like some sort of disgusting mayo or miracle whip on a burger like this. So, be my guest. Wow, I'm grumpy when I'm sick....

The end.


  1. no bun means less carbs and that's good :)

  2. If you ever need buns, we have plenty in our freezer and we're just up the street so let me know!

  3. Thanks Anne! My old neighbors can attest I'm the queen of borrowing missing watch out!

  4. I'm making this on Wed. Going totally vegetarian (not because I am, but because I am weird about meat, especially beef; but I digress). I'll be using the same toppings with portabello mushrooms. I'll keep you posted. :9