Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Signature Salad #1

Ok, yep, it's a salad. For dinner. Kids eat salad for dinner, right?! Well, they should. And I'm tricking you into thinking mine do by including one of their beaming faces in this picture....but in reality, they ate grilled cheese and toasted banana peanut butter sandwiches. But us adults had the good stuff pictured. It's one of my 3 "meal" salads I tend to use over and over. This one's got more of the tex-mex flavor, I suppose. I forgot to include canned or fresh corn and chili powder in the picture. The chili powder is for sprinkling on the chicken.
Signature Salad #1 (#2 and #3 are sure to follow at some point in future blog posts)
What you need:
Romaine lettuce
grape tomatoes, halved or whole
sliced mushrooms
diced peppers, yellow, green or red will do
sliced avocado
canned or frozen/fresh corn
black beans
canned or grilled chicken breast (for canned, the Costco brand is the only one priced reasonably)
shredded mexican blend cheese
crunched up tortilla chips
Lighthouse Organic Caesar dressing (Can be very expensive, normally $5 a bottle. But I stock up when Freddy's regularly puts them on sale for $2.50. I can't go back to any other kind. I am abnormally obsessed.)
How you make it:
Do I really need to explain how to make a salad? Just throw everything in the picture together, MINUS the small child's head, of course. I can't be responsible for any cannibalism. Ew, that's gross and weird. But this salad's da bomb, yo. And if you have kids, maybe you'll be better than me at insisting they eat more salad.


  1. Marissa, this salad looks really yummy. This is the first time I have checked out your blog and I look forward to many more yummy meals.


  2. YAY!! (Great to hear from you!)

  3. Hey, we tried this salad tonight and it was very good. It is a meal in and of its self. I just served it with homemade bread. Joel and Clark had to have left over pizza, but Fiona, Justin and I and his sisters liked it. I changed it to suit what I had at hand. Forgot corn, don't like mushrooms so left those out. I used colby jack cheese and cooked my chicken in italian dressing and taco seasoning and then shredded it on the salad. It was yummy and I'll make it again. I love salads and I love meals you can mix up and add different things to depending upon what I have. Thanks!

  4. Hey! That's fun to hear! Another friend said on FB that she made this tonight too! I'm so glad it worked out for you guys. :)
    (That's what I like to do if I'm cooking the chicken too---italian dressing and either chili powder or cajun seasoning. If I'm lazy and using canned chicken I just sprinkle on the chili powder, mostly.) Anyway, thanks---!