Monday, January 10, 2011

First Post--yep, that's what I'm naming the first post. (I am super creative at 12:30 in the morning)

Yup. First Blog Post here. This may become addicting. Here goes nothin'....

This blog was started when peer pressure collided with my own desire.

Driving down the road this very morning, I had the distinct thought, "I really should actually and truly start a cooking/recipe blog." So, the thoughts started churning more seriously as I drove; while a beat-boxy rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" bopped around mes enfants in the back of my super-fly swagger wagon.

Minutes later, upon arriving at home and somewhat habitually opening up the all-important email, I see a Facebook post from my sis-in-law with nearly the same words, "I think you should start a food blog." and her reasons why, most of them self-serving (love ya, Jenae!), followed by an array of supporter comments by other of my FB peeps who apparently read and actually MAKE some of my recipes I'm frequently posting.
(Yikes! Was that seriously one long sentence, just now?! My brain is out of breath...)

So, as you can see, I could not ignore the cyber-gods, who were obviously conspiring.

More next time, second post to be titled, "The Mom Who Doesn't Love to Cook But Does it Anyway", on my recipes and menus and what you will hopefully find here; and other motivations that have been making me want to do this in the first place.

I've gotta go rest up for more swagger-wagon-toddler-tune-beat-boxin' awaiting me in the morning.


  1. I love it already! You are the best and yes I do have self serving reasons. :) Aren't you so glad that the good lord blessed you with the ability to help me? LOL

  2. Thanks Jenae! The Lord blessed me with pretty awesomely amazing in-laws. Seriously.

  3. Excited to start making so good food for my Fam! Okay...maybe I am not too excited, but THEY really will be!! Thanks for sharing your talents!